2018 Balloons Over horseshoe bay resort

Meet the balloons

Purple People Eater is a crowd favorite! The Purple People Eater balloon, Model: AX8, was manufactured by Aerostar in 2003. It has a standard Airworthiness Certificate, is 80 feet tall, 50 feet wide, weighs 450 pounds, and is 90,000 cubic feet in volume! The Purple People Eater is owned by John Cavin and piloted by Charlie Edwards. Make sure you bring your camera to the festival and grab a picture of this amazing balloon!

We are excited to announce that the 6th Annual Balloon festival is right around the corner, March 30-April 1, 2018. Balloons over Horseshoe Bay Resort has proven its success over the past few years with over 10,000 attendees . Interested in becoming a Sponsor or Vendor?

weekend fun for the entire family

What is Balloon Glow

Balloons inflate and light themselves by the large flame fueled by a  propane gas tank set at the base of each balloon just above each rider basket. The sight of hot air balloons lit up like giant light bulbs is quite popular and visually breathtaking. At Balloons over Horseshoe Bay Resort, event organizers will coordinate ‘all burns’ where pilots fire up their burners illuminating their balloons all at once. Pilots will also perform 'flicker' burns where pilots simultaneously make their balloons flicker by lighting up and quickly turning off the flames inside the balloons.  The crowd will be expected to perform ‘count downs’ prior to each 'full burn' and 'flicker burn'. The balloons will glow after sunset on Friday evening and  Saturday evening.  A Balloon Glow is a MUST SEE event! Make sure you bring your camera!!!

A Big THANK YOU to our festival sponsors


Annual Balloon Festival West of Austin